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.:: About us ::.

Kahak Health Care Services is in the business of providing short and long term health care personnel to Maryland Residents. We offer our personnels to hospitals, nursing homes, private home, doctors clinics. Its main headquarter is in Silver Spring. What gives the Kahak Health Care a leg up on most agencies is that its owners and operators are in the medical field and have experienced the fluctuation of staffing needs. We know what is expected from a facility with regard to needing nurses urgently.

Kahak Health Care has an important bank of personnel and are continually recruiting nurses based on demands.

Our business
To provide highest quality Registered nurses, registered nursing assistant, nurses aide (sitter/companions, Home aides live-in care), Dietetician, for a short and long term commitment to Maryland Residents.

Call us whenever you need medical personnel for days, nights, weekends, holidays or vacations. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day through call forwarding when business is closed.

What we do
1. Kahak Health Care Sends you the very finest medical personnel available. Quality, proficiency, attitude and personality are considerations for contracting as well as education, training, experiences and recommendations.
2. Quality care is our number one priority. Advance scheduling let us provide excellent, continuos care with our top of the list-nursing contractors.
3. Kahak Health Care Contractors carry General and Professional Liability Insurance.
4. We respond quickly to assist you in filling your staffing needs. We will do our best to fill the position.
5. We welcome feedback to help us improve our services. We realize it is a privilege to assist you in staffing your facility and want to deserve your confidence and trust.
6. Kahak Health Care Shares your commitment to provide quality health care to those who need it.

Registered Nurse (RN), Certified nursing assistant (CNA) ,
Nurse aides (NA) , with Kahak Health Care Are:

1. Licensed Nursing boards quarterly is monitored for current license.
2. CPR certified
3. Immunization up to date TB and hepatitis immunization.
4. Full Identification Presents social security, driver license, background checks are verified.
5. References are check.
6. Completed Application form.
7. Uniforms- Standard Whites, transfer belt, and nametag.

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